My Books so far : Single Authored


Kierkegaard on Politics 

Palgrave Macmillan 2013

‘Barry Stocker makes the case for considering Kierkegaard as a major figure in political thought. The book discusses Kierkegaard’s direct comments on politics along with the more indirect ways he engages with political thought. Looking at the historical context in Denmark and at the history of political thought, the book shows how political themes run through Kierkegaard’s discussions of literature, aesthetics, ethics, philosophy and religion. It shows how republican and radical liberal political ideas are present in Kierkegaard, though he may sometimes appear to be an apolitical and conservative thinker. Kierkegaard on Politics shows how Kierkegaard was focused on a tense combination of radical individualism and admiration for the participatory political communities of antiquity. The book builds on this to demonstrate the political aspects of Kierkegaard’s thoughts about subjectivity and communication. These arguments are placed in the context of debates about liberalism and republicanism, law and sovereignty, ethics and politics, and the nature of political community.’


Derrida on Deconstruction

Routledge, 2006

‘1. Introduction: Derrida’s Life and the Background to His Philosophy 2. Metaphysics 3. Language: Sense and Meaning 4. Consciousness: Intentionality and Perception 5. Knowledge: Origin and Structure 6. Values: Ethics, Sovereignty, Humanism and Religion 7. Metaphor, Literature and Aesthetics 8. Towards a Definition of Deconstruction Bibliography’

‘Derrida’s life and the background to his philosophy

the key themes of the critique of metaphysics, language and ethics that characterize his most widely read works

the continuing importance of Derrida’s work to philosophy.’

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