Turkish Army Commander Against Post-Modernism (http://web.mac.com/barrystocker/Site/Blog/Blog.html)

General İlker Başbuğ, New Commander-in-Chief of Turkish Armed Forces, Criticises Post-Modernism, as part of Threats to the Turkish Nation-State. An Explanation and Partial Justification.  Click to go to full story at my new home blog Barry Stocker’s Weblog

Why democracies should support Georgia. http://web.me.com/barrystocker/Site/Blog/Entries/2008/8/17_Why_democracies_should_support_Georgia.html

Why democracies should support Georgia.  And why a British liberal politician was wrong to be rude to me in the 90s.  Click to visit this entry at the new permanent home of my blog (Barry Stocker’s Weblog)