My Texts Posted section added at top of blog

I’ve decided to start posting papers here as well as at my account. Not everyone has an account and it is necessary to have one to look at papers posted there. It is free and no real trouble to open an account, and does not require a university affiliation. Nevertheless some people would prefer not or will never get round to it. There are some people who might not use it out of principle which strikes me as unnecessary, but that is the reality. There is also the possibility that might disappear of change in nature so abruptly, I would not longer wish to use it.

Anyone with any interest in looking at my work in draft or pre-publication form through the blog will be increasingly able to do so in the section ‘My Texts Posted’ at the head of the blog. I am posting just one paper today ‘Ethical Life, the Individual and Austen’ (The novels of Jane Austen in relation to the ethics of Kierkegaard. Some consideration of ethics in Aristotle, the Scottish Enlightenment and Hegel.). I will not post everything at as their algorithms scoop up stuff I’m not very interested in posting or which is not available as an electronic file. Anyway, increasingly there will be just as much posted here as as which I want to share and for which I have a pdf.

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