Nietzsche as Political Philosopher now available online

Nietzsche as Political Philosopher (Walter de Gruyter), which I co-edited with Manuel Knoll, has been available in print form since 2013. It is now available online 



Manuel Knoll and Barry Stocker

Introduction: Nietzsche as political philosopher 1

I. The Variety of Approaches to Nietzsche’s Political Thought

Rolf Zimmermann

The “Will to Power”: Towards a Nietzschean Systematics of Moral-Political Divergence in History in Light of the 20th Century 39

Rebecca Bamford

The Liberatory Limits of Nietzsche’s Colonial Imagination in Dawn 206 59

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy

Nietzsche’s Political Materialism: Diagram for a Nietzschean Politics 77

II. Democratic, or Liberal, or Egalitarian Politics in Nietzsche Paul Patton

Nietzsche on Power and Democracy circa 1876–1881 93

Lawrence J. Hatab

Nietzsche’s Will to Power and Politics 113

Barry Stocker

A Comparison of Friedrich Nietzsche and Wilhelm von Humboldt as Products of Classical Liberalism 135

Donovan Miyasaki

A Nietzschean Case for Illiberal Egalitarianism 155

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vi Contents

III. Aristocratic, or Anti-Liberal, or Non-Egalitarian Politics in Nietzsche

Renato Cristi

Nietzsche, Theognis and Aristocratic Radicalism 173

Don Dombowsky

Aristocratic Radicalism as a Species of Bonapartism: Preliminary Elements 195

Phillip H. Roth

Political and Psychological Prerequisites for Legislation in the Early Nietz- sche 211

Manuel Knoll

The “Übermensch” as a Social and Political Task: A Study in the Continuity of Nietzsche’s Political Thought 239

IV. Ethics, Morality, and Politics in Nietzsche

Keith Ansell-Pearson

Care of Self in Dawn: On Nietzsche’s Resistance to Bio-political Modernity 269

Daniel Conway

“We who are different, we immoralists…” 287

Christian J. Emden

Political Realism Naturalized: Nietzsche on the State, Morality, and Human Nature 313

Tamsin Shaw

The “Last Man” Problem: Nietzsche and Weber on Political Attitudes to Suffering 345

V. Physiology, Genealogy, and Politics in Nietzsche

Razvan Ioan

The Politics of Physiology 383

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Tom Angier

On the Genealogy of Nietzsche’s Values 405

Contents vii

Evangelia Sembou

Foucault’s use of Nietzsche 431



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