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I have not been very regular in adding new papers to my account, but yesterday I added some draft papers and some ‘published’ papers. The ‘published’ papers are mostly galley proof versions which are not under the copyright of the publisher and are mostly to be published soon rather already published. A list of titles linked to the relevant page appears below. Most, if not all, of these papers appeared in some form previously on the blog broken up into parts of approximately 800 words each. is a free service allowing anyone to set up a page which enables them to post papers and follow papers posted by other users. There is no requirement to be affiliated with any institution and there is no requirement to post anything on your own page. I have heard of people complaining about being obliged to register with when someone posts a link. I do not think there is any cause to complain about the requirement to go through a simple registration process and use the service for free. I do not exclude the possibility of posting my papers on a personal webpage at sometime, but at present is by far the easiest way for me to do so and the ease extends to those using the service to read the papers posted, which can be read in the browser or downloaded to the device you are using.

Published Papers 

Review essay of: The Crisis of the European Union A Response, by Jürgen Habermas. Galley proof version for ID: A Multidisciplinary Journal of World Affairs 5 (2015).
Galley proof for chapter in Nietzsche as Political Philosopher Eds. Manuel Knoll and Barry Stocker De Gruyter, 2014
Stocker, Barry (2015) “Ethical Life in Kierkegaard and Williams”,

Kilikya Felsefe Dergisi, (3) pp. 68-82

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