Me on ‘Ethical Life in Kierkegaard and Williams’

The latest issue of the Cilicia Journal of Philosophy has just gone online. It includes my paper ‘Ethical Life in Kierkegaard and Williams’

The journal publishes article  in Turkish and English, mostly in English by academics from outside Turkey.

Go to the journal website here.

Go to the latest issue here

Go the page which has the abstract, keywords, publication details and link to the pdf here.

Direct link to pdf of my article here.

All articles can be opened online and downloaded for free.

Other contributors to this issue include a former instructor of mine at the University of Warwick, Susan Haack, now at the University of Miami. I took her courses in ‘Philosophy of Logic’ (philosophy of logic and language in practice) and ‘Metaphysics and Epistemology’. There is little or no connection between the kinds of work we do, and I have not had any contact with Professor Haack since finishing her courses, but I do enjoy the coincidence.

The remaining contributors are Nicholas Rescher, Ralph D. Ellis, James Wetzel, Gert-Jan Van der Heiden, and Raşıt Çelik.

The abstract for my article

A discussion of how the criticisms of ethical theory in Søren Kierkegaard and Bernard Williams both reinforce each other and also provide some challenges to each other. Despite Williams’ brief and dismissive encounter with Kierkegaard around the reading of a ancient tragedy, both oppose any tendency to see the characters in those tragedies as lacking in agency. Both are consistently concerned with how the individual struggles for some ethical agency and how no individual can be free of the influence of chance or error. Kierkegaard and Willliams are shown to both oppose relativism and communitarianism in ethics, along with utilitarianism and to both have an interest in plurality of ethical ideas of how to live.

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