The Future of the European Polity I: Overview

My latest post at the group blog New APPS

I originally intended Europe after Habermas and the Populist Surge,  to be a stand alone post and did not have any thoughts about promoting my own tentative views of European politics, and the appropriate theoretical references for discussion. It was just intended to be a timely account of the limitation of one approach to Europe and an indication of the role of one kind of theory in that approach.

I have been challenged to put forward my own views on the political and theoretical issues, and I do not think I can decently fail to respond, as clearly it is easy to take shots at someone else’s point of view that put forward an alternative, which might become a target itself, and might disappoint some people who agree with my critical remarks. Another aspect of putting forward your own views is that it requires more space then defining weaknesses in another point of view, and this process is going to take more than one post. The present post will set up an overview and will be followed by posts dealing with institutions, policies, and theory.

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4 thoughts on “The Future of the European Polity I: Overview

  1. Dear Sir,
    I would like to quote the following extract from your “Foucault, John Milton, and Euripides, on Liberty”:

    “Milton makes it very clear that he excludes atheism and Catholicism from the range of thought which can be freely expressed … atheistical and ‘Papist’ works can be published, but may be subject to state prosecution after publication”

    Can you tell me how I should reference it?

    I have been writing on liberalism for many years.

    Keep up your good work
    Francisco Vergara

    • Great to hear from you, I’ve checked you’re website and it looks like you’re some very interesting stuff. On the quotation, this bit of writing has only appeared in the blog, so to quote/reference you have to give the url and the date you accessed that url. That is the minimum and I suppose you can add the name of the blog, the title of the post, and the date I posted it. This may appear in print some form, I have a relevant book proposal, which is with a certain publisher. Unfortunately the proposal, and related materials, have been with that publisher for a very long time now with only occasional communication and no ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Since it looks like I will give at least one seminar paper related to developing the book between now and winter 14/15, I am not ready to try another publisher. If I don’t get a clear and positive answer by the time I’ve finished these presentations, I’ll send a revised proposal and more developed material to another publisher. Sadly this is all means it’s going to be more than a year before a book appears using the work in the post you are referring to, but citation on the lines you mention should be fine, in the meantime.

      Thanks very much for your interest. Good luck with your own work

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