Follow up to last post: Response from publisher

My last post refers to difficulties in getting the latest Foucault text to appear, Mal faire, vrai dire through Amazon, and urges those with an interest in Foucault to order the book directly from the publisher, Presses universitaires de Louvain.  A representative of the publisher very kindly send a response.  I’ve posted that response and my reply below.   More on the book as soon as it arrives, and as soon as I have had a chance to read it.  I will give the reading high priority so I can follow up on these two posts.




Dear Sir,

We were thrilled by reading your post of October 30th. Thank you for your interest in one of our books, “Mal faire, dire vrai”. The book is not selling on Amazon because we just cannot afford to pay the commission they ask. Many small or medium sized publishers are in the same situation. Accepting their terms would quickly result in raising our prices significantly. The only copy selling at… 74 euros (instead of 30 !) and told “new” was available (it seems to have disappeared now !) from “La Belle Librairie”, which is in fact an avatar of… Amazon itself (see
To summarize, WE are responsible for not collaborating with Amazon, and THEY are responsible for publishing bad information about our books on their website. If there must be shame on someone, now you know who.

The book has been sent to you this Monday, just as soon as you ordered it. I understand your frustration about the fact there is no PDF version to date, and about the additional 13,60 euros you paid for shipping. On the one hand, we have little power to lay down the mailing costs from Belgium to Turkey, always trying, however, to obtain the best terms we can. On the other hand, as you probably know, the mailing costs on Amazon between France and Turkey are 10 euros + 1,50 euros per item (see

I hope you will enjoy reading these outstanding lectures by Michel Foucault and the truly remarkable work of erudition by Fabienne Brion and Bernard E. Harcourt. We are looking forward, with great interest, to reading your review.

Very sincerely,

Dr. Bérengère M. Deprez
Presses universitaires de Louvain



Dear Dr Deprez

Thanks very much for responding to my post, and the information you have provided. I have noticed in the past that interesting philosophy books from small academics presses do not show up on Amazon, though for some reason as far as I can see it is more of a problem in continental Europe than in Britain or North America.

I realise that you can’t control delivery costs, I was just highlighting my general irritation at having to pay more for books because I am based in Turkey.

The pdf version is not such an issue for me, because Amazon does not allow sales of kindle versions in Turkey! Or not to someone who only has Turkish credit cards anyway. This sort of restriction of course undermines a large part of the point of e-editions which can be downloaded everywhere in the world. Possibly this is the fault of copyright holders rather than Amazon, but where the fault lies, it is a very irritating situation. Because of this I have not got round to much reading of e-versions, and I have not acquired a device of the most suitable kind. I hope at some point to get an iPad mini and do more reading. I do a bit on my MacBook, and also on my iPhone while travelling, but neither device offers the best experience for sustained sit down reading.

I will certainly post my comments on Mal faire, vrai dire as soon as possible after the book reaches me.


Barry Stocker


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