Getting Round Difficulties in Obtaining the Book of Foucault’s Louvain Lectures

On 7th September in this year of 2012, Presses universitaires de Louvain published a lecture series, Foucault gave in Louvain in 1981.  The book title is Mal faire, dire vrai: fonction de l’aveu en justice (Doing bad, speaking truth: the function of the confession in justice), and is published at the price of € 30.     Attempting to buy it from Amazon France results in the chance to buy one (presumably second hand) copy for € 70.  Attempting to buy it from Amazon UK results in the information that the book is unavailable.  

In frustration I went to the website to Press universitaires de Louvain, and succeeded in ordering the book, with an additional charge of €13.60 for delivery to my work address in Istanbul.  The book is now apparently on its way to me.

I don’t know if the difficulty of obtaining the book through Amazon is due to PUL or Amazon, shame on one side or on both.  No doubt many who are interested in the book will give up after finding through Amazon that the book is not available, or is only available at more than twice the published price from a private seller.  So this is terrible for Foucault studies.  I can only hope that the problem will be resolved and this post might just help get a copy of  Mal faire, dire vrai into the hands of a few readers of Foucault, maybe even commentators.

The book will be published by The University of Chicago Press, December 2013 under the title of Wrong-Doing, Truth-Telling: The Function of Avowal in Justice The Chicago edition will include an e-book version so far lacking from PUL.  I would expect a Chicago book to be fully available on Amazon USA immediately.  There is a risk of it not being so readily obtainable from other Amazon national sites, I can only hope not.

I will post something on the PUL edition as soon as it arrives, and I have had a few days for at least one quick read through.


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