The death of Tragic Hegel

The progress from Phenomenology of Spirit to the later texts of Hegel is often one in which tensions and limit cases form the earlier text are missing.  The relationship of brother and sister so important to the Phenomenology, with reference to the general role of the family, and to the historical transition from the Greek and Roman worlds is missing in the Philosophy of Right and the Philosophy of History, where you would expect that issue to be explored further.  Phenomenology of Spirit is driven by a tragic spirit of the gap between subjectivity and absolute knowing, in combination with a spirt of interconnectedness of points of view in an affirmation of reality as an integrated whole, roughly speaking Blaise Pascal (in the Pensées) combined with Spinoza (The Ethics).  The tense relation between those two positions itself tends to confirm the first position, and the later work of Hegel pushes towards eliminating the first position though never completely.  The combination of tragic Pascal and affirmative Spinoza, and their tragic conflict, becomes Spinozistic oneness.  A very reductive and simplified way of looking, at Hegel but one which has great interpretative value .


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