Foucault: Previously unpublished interview.

Back to blogging after a few days re-adjusting to teaching and university business in the new semester at Istanbul Technical.  

A previously unpublished interview with Michel Foucault has now been published by Foucault Studies, ‘Marxism, Phenomenology and Power’, conducted by Colin Gordon and Paul Patton.  Hat tip to the ‘Foucault-L Mail List’.

The interview is more about power than the first two terms, but there are some interesting points about those terms as well.  For example, Foucault refers to the second volume of Capital as the most important text by Marx for him, while distancing himself from the label of Marxist.  Generally volume one is thought to the really interesting part of Capital. Foucault refers to the importance of the subjective way the Phenomenological philosophical tradition coming from Edmund Husserl was taken in France.  The most widely red example of this now is Phenomenology of Perception by Maurice Merleau-Ponty, one of Foucault’s teachers.  

Strongly recommended to anyone interested in Foucault from beginners to scholarly specialists.  


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