RSS Feeds and Safari: Another Option

You’ll have to go back to my last post to get the background to this.  Through Facebook, a friend has pointed out a good alternative to Vienna, Cappuccino, which is available through the Mac App Store for free.  It has a much better interface than Vienna, though Vienna is good compared with most feeder interfaces.  Cappuccino also has a full screen option, unlike Vienna.  It syncs with GoogleReader, so one form of back up is already there.  As I don’t have all my feeds on GoogleReader, I have to transfer about half from Vienna.  There is no option on Cappuccino for importing .opml files, which store RSS feeds and can be imported to and exported from many readers.  For this reason, I had to transfer a lot of feeds manually from Vienna to Cappuccino.  Cappuccino also has the advantage over Vienna that the number of unread items can be seen in the dock icon (which is more aesthetic than Vienna).  Another slight disadvantage is that there is no option to set it as the default RSS reader, therefore a simple click on an RSS feed in Safari will not result in the feed being saved by the reader, as in Vienna, presumably because it works as a GoogleReader extension.  However, there is a reasonably simple process of control clicking/right clicking on the link to an RSS feed, choosing to save the link, and then pasting the link into Cappuccino after clicking on  a ‘+’ icon.  

For me, Cappuccino is now the best option for an RSS reader, though I cannot guarantee it will suit everyone.  It appears to work with Mountain Lion, check the Cappuccino tumbir site.

One thought on “RSS Feeds and Safari: Another Option

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