No Civil War has resulted from the Treaty of Rome. Europe and Liberalism: Beyond the Clichés: Follow Up Post 5.

The US constitution which is commended was not able to prevent a devastating Civil War, the EU’s constitutional arrangements have yet to suffer such a blow.

Follow up to oct of 1st June, expanding numbered points in that post, one post for each point.

If the Euro looks shaky and EU politics look traumatised , I suggest a comparison with the Civil War in America, which broke out in 1861.  That is as Abrahma Lincoln said in 1863 in the opening of the Gettysburg address

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty

So Lincoln was speaking 87 years after the Declaration of Independence, and felt it was a living even in recent history.  Going back to our 1789 baseline, the Constitution last 72 years before a crisis broke out which could only be resolved by 4 years of bloody warfare.  It’s now 67 years since the Treaty of Rome, and even the most rabid Eurosceptic does not claim we are on the verge of a pan-Europeam war.  That is the Treaty of Rome has been a better adaption to what the nations and peoples of Europe can live with than the US Constitution.  We might note that the US Constitution failed to stop gross and systematic violation of civil liberties and individual rights in slave states, during a period in which the two great world powers of the time, Britain and France, abolished slavery .  The Treaty of Rome has no equivalent fault, and the period of European integration has been a period of progress in human rights and democracy in Europe.  The wish of emergent democracies to join the EU has been so strong it has clearly been a positive force for human rights and democracies in those countries.  As a resident of Turkey, and non-residents can check, I can confidently say that the EU has been a force for democracy and human rights in Turkey, though Turkey has not even been given a clear right to join yet.

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