Unforeseen Consequences of Revolution: Fraudulent Emails Promising Millions from Syria

Just found this in the Spam folder of my university email account.  

Younan Matta <younanmatta275@gmail.com>


My name is Younan Matta from Syria, I am a top Government functionary in the present government in Syria, I am in a dire need of a trust worthy individual/Organization who can receive and invest the sum of $7,200,000.00 (Seven Million Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars) on my behalf, the need for this is as a result of the ongoing crisis in my country, Syria and I’m planing to relocate with my family.

For your help and trustworthiness I will compensate you with 30% of the total sum and a stake in whatever business that will be setup by you with this fund in future.

If you are interested and can assure me of your honesty and capability of handling this project, Please get back to me on the following email:mattayounan@yahoo.com for more details, otherwise kindly delete this message and please don’t disclose the content to a third party to avoid putting my life in more dangers.

Younan Matta

The struggle of Syrian people for liberty and democracy is a great movement, sadly darkened by the cruelty of the Assad regime and its sadistic thugs.  This email may provide light relief, if that doe snot sound offensive.   It does show how corruption breeds corruption.  The corruption inherent in a regime like that of Assad, which can only stay in power through creating a community of state employees and hangers on united by complicity in corruption and violence.  That corruption provides opportunities for fraud by crooks trying to lure the gullible and morally weak, with the promise of a share in the gains of corruption.  Just another little reason for wishing for the end of tyranny in Syria, and everywhere else in the world. 

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