Appeal to Progressives and Left-Wingers to Resist Gloating about the Cato Crisis

I suppose it’s inevitable that some ‘progressives’ or ‘left wingers’ would express Schdenfreude at the possible undermining of the Cato Instltute by the Koch brothers. I nevertheless asks progressives to consider these points: what does it say about you if you prefer a libertarian institute which often sides with ‘progressives’ on non-economic issues to become a more thoroughly conservative institute tied to the views of two billionaires. Have you noticed that Cato is anti war on drugs, anti American military interventions, anti Patriot act, pro gay marriage rights? Why do you want to see a body that is ‘progressive’ on those issues collapse? Yes Cato express views on economic issues that are obnoxious to many ‘progressives’, but Cato also invites ‘progressives’ (and conservatives) to put their point of view at public events. George Soros, who funds many progressives activities, has spoken at Cato. What are you saying about yourself if you lack Soros’ level of commitment to dialogue? I don’t personally wish to see any left wing or right wing institutes collapse, not if they are doing a good job with debating ideas and policies. I don’t speak out of unconditional loyalty to Cato, it’s overall position is a bit nightwatchman only state for my taste, and some of the blogging at Cato is a bit attack dog for my taste. But most of what Cato does is very civil and respectful of other positions, how about returning some of that respect? And some of the most poisonous attacks on Cato come from the more anarchist, Neo-Confederate and socially conservative elements of libertarianism. You might want to think about that.

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