More on the Koch attack on Cato

More information coming in to confirm my view in the last post that Cato is under siege from Charles Koch.  Check this from Jonathan H. Adler at the Volokh Conspirary, a prominent libertarian group blog.  Hat tip to Matthew Ygleias (Twitter feed via Facebook public profile).  Cato insiders are openly revolting against Koch and accusing him of turning Cato into the instrument of the Koch brothers, and an extension of Americans for Prosperity, a libertarian-conservative fusionist group which is important in the Tea Party.  Given the evident decline of the Tea Party, and their failure (despite what some Conservative-Libertarian fusionists claim) to rally behind Ron Paul or Garry Johnson in the presidential race, this is particularly sad stuff from the Koch brothers.  Though the monitoring of the Koch brothers as supposedly behind every aggressive right-wing phenomenon since Genghis Khan is still idiotic, they are now behaving if they wish this was true.


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