Evils of Immigration Restriction

I aim to post regularly on this topic, largely through links and brief explanations.

A story from the conservative British daily, The Telegraph, which favours restrictive attitudes to immigration: ‘ElSalvador girl denied US visa to save sister’s life’

A seven year old girl is not being allowed into the United States to save the life of her five year old sister through a bone marrow transplant.  Hopefully the publicity around this will lead to a lenient interpretation, or a waiver, with regard to whatever rules are being applied here.  How much better if such rules did not exist, and states worked on the presumption that anyone can core borders, and change address to another country, unless their is evidence of criminal intent.

Opening paragraphs

Yarelis Bonilla, five, of Elizabeth in New Jersey, has lymphocytic leukaemia and her best hope is a bone-marrow transplant from a perfect match donor.

Her seven-year-old sister, Gisselle, would fit the bill but she lives in El Salvador and has twice been denied a visa by the US embassy.




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