Dubrovnik: A History (9780863563324): Robin Harris: Books

Via Scoop.itLiberal and Republican Political Thought Dubrovnik: A History (9780863563324): Robin Harris: Books… From its settlement in the 7th century to its conquest by Napoleon at the beginning of the 19th, Dubrovnik repeatedly held a significant position beyond what could have been expected of this tiny city-state. But Dubrovnik also faced the extreme dangers posed by Venetian plotters, Ottoman aggressors, natural disasters and, finally, Napoleon. In modern times, the city survived the besieging Yugoslav army in 1991-92, which heavily damaged but did not destroy Dubrovnik’s cultural heritage. This book is a comprehensive history of Dubrovnik’s progress over twelve centuries of European development, encompassing arts, architecture, social and economic changes and the traumas of war and politics.

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