>New Blog site due to Blogger being Blocked in Turkey

>A Turkish court has blocked Blogger, which is where this blog is based. This is due to action brought by Digiturk against Blogger due to illegal internet feeds being posted, on some blogs, to football matches to which Digiturk has the rights. I live in Istanbul, where I am a university philosophy teacher. I’m posting this through a proxy, but that is very inconvenient and I am not prepared to do this on a regular basis. I am therefore re-activating Stockerblog (https://stockerb.wordpress.com/). Please go there for further blogging I do not know how long this situation will last. If it lasts for much longer, Stockerblog will probably become my permanent blog.

In the meantime, I suggest Turkish readers should consider how to respond to Digiturk’s role in blocking a major blogging platform, and a major source of online communication. Turkish readers amy also wish to consider expressing their views to elected officials on how easy it is to block a major means of communication in Turkey.


2 thoughts on “>New Blog site due to Blogger being Blocked in Turkey

  1. Thank you for posting the reasons for this censorship here in Turkey.

    I early retired to Gocek in 2206 and my enjoyment is developing my skills as a sewer, designer and smocker…………I follow 2 blogspots teaching me more skills about sewing. I bought fabric to make myself a Chanel style jacket, following the couture techiniques, shown on a blog.

    I have waited to finish other projects first. Now, I have all the supplies I need, but I cannot get to the blog to follow all the steps to carry on with this innocent pleasure of mine.

    It is so unfair that digiturk are allowed to do this…………………the blogs I follow have nothing to do with illegal downloading of information.

    This blanket ban is unbelievably unfair on honest people, who wish to just enjoy their lives in peace, without disturbing anyone.

    This gives such a bad impression of Turkey…………all my sewing friends around the world are horrified that I am blocked from such innocent activities.

    My other passion is cooking, and now blogs on that are also blocked because of this ruling!!

    • Thanks for your comment Marysia, Blogger has been unblocked so you should be OK now with the blogs you like. Sorry you had this problem. I hope you’re mostly enjoying life in Turkey despite this recurrent problem of courts blocking major websites. It certainly does not look good abroad, and does great harm to Turkish citizens and all residents in Turkey.

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