Experimental new parallel home: http://homepage.mac.com/barrystocker/Personal1.html

I have a new experimental home for the blog under the title of Barry Stocker’s Weblog.  This is part of my trial period using .mac.  .mac is a service available to owners of Apple Macintosh computers, providing a webpage/blog home, online storage of computer files, online photograph albums, an email address amongst other thing.  Like most things associated with Apple and Macintosh computers, it is extraordinarily beautiful.  However, after a free trial it has to be paid for, so I need time to decide on this.  In the meantime posts will appear here and in the link indicated.

This has arisen because I am the proud and happy owner of  a new MacBook (white, 2.4 GHz) which I am writing on a this very moment.  I have gone further than many users towards having a very pure and integrated Mac experience through two choices: my default browser is Safari, which is native to the Mac OS; my default document creating suite is Apple’s iWork, which includes Pages for creating text documents and Key Notes for computerised presentations.  The browser and the document suite are both beautiful in appearance and functioning, and integrated with the beautiful integration already present in the OS and in the relation between the appearance of the OS and the appearance of the computer.  More on these issues later.    

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