Changes to the Blog and my new Mac

Previous layout was too fussy and full of stuff that was of secondary importance at best in the side bar.  Present format tries to focus on blog contents, while referring readers to other blogs where they might follow up what I discuss.  

I’ve spent so much time recently thinking about computers and computing, I’ve added that a major area of blogging content and it will feature quite regularly.  I am picking up a new Macintosh tomorrow (White MacBook, 2.4 GHz ).  I did not get one in Turkey as Mac prices are twice the US price and about two-thirds more than the British price.  The Apple shops here are all resellers, are small with limited stock, and the staff are mostly not well informed.  I’m delighted to see a growth of Apple resellers in Istanbul, but I could not find a case for my iPod classic suitable for attaching to my arm when I go out for a run, and when I was looking for new earphones for it, the assistant thought my iPod Classic was an iPhone.  If I had an iPod Touch, which is roughly speaking an iPhone without the telephone, I would have understood.  That’s a shop in walking distance of where I live in a very good big shopping centre, but I have yet to buy anything in Pupa (the Apple reseller) and maybe I never will.  The MacBook comes courtesy of  I shpped it to the daughter of a friend.  All going well I will pick it up in a few hours and will be blogging from it soon afterwards.

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